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Every night Mon.-Sat.
Time 10pm EST/ 9pm CST/ 8pm MST/ 7pm PST…
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please bring two people with you
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Update 3-17-20

X39 Stem Cell Product Call:
Mon-Fri at: 7pm PST / 8pm MT / 9am CT/ 10pm ET
Dial In: 253-993-3354
International: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/thex39

Business Building Strategies, Q&A
With Jason Boreyko
Tuesdays at 11am PST / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm EST
Dial In: 209-399-9612
International: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/X39Success
X39 Global Expansion Zoom Call

TUESDAYNIGHT: 6:00pm PST / 8:00pm CT / 9:00pm EST
New Doctors Call JOIN: www.LiveYoungerzoom.com ID 479-071-423
DIAL: 346-248-7799

Tuesday Nights at:
With Jason Boreyko
6pm PST / 8pm CT / 9pm EST www.X39OverView.com 480-638-0968 (West Coast) 646 876 9923 (New York)
ID: 791 914 466

One on One with Dr. Nicholas!
Special Product Training and Q&A with Dr. Nicholas
Wednesdays at: 12:00pm PT / 1pm MT /2pm CT / 3pm ET
Dial In:(302)202-1102 Pin# 762912
Lifewave Now Webinar
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African Zoom Call
TIME: 12noon PST / 2pm CT / 3pm EST
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Freedom Live Call
With Ron Ledford
Thursdays at 6pm PST/ 7pm MT / 8pm CT / 9pm EST
Dial In: 253-993-3067

Saturday Morning New Distributor Training Call!
8am PST/ 10am CT / 11am ET
Conference Line #
US & Canada: (563) 999-5078 (no pin required)
Best viewed as a webinar at www.LiveYoungerCalls.com

Business Building Strategies, Q&A 
With Jason Boreyko
TIME: 9am PST/ 11am CT/ 12noon EST
Dial In: 346 248 7799 or 312 626 6799
zoom ID 791 914 446

or just click  http://x39overview.com 


Time 10pm EST/ 9pm CST/ 8pm MST/ 7pm PST…
DIAL: 253-993-3354
please bring Your Team with you
For the recordings http://x39lifestyle.com

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Nightly Product Calls with Phyl Franklin (253) 993-3354

International Zoom Call with Jason Boreyko
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International Team Training Call
Every Saturday at 1pm EST (check for local time)

LifeWave Wednesday Night Zoom Trainings
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Benefits People are Already Experiencing with X39
Rapid Pain Relief,Reduced Inflammation,Enhanced Energy & VitalityReverse Cellular Aging,Greater Mental Clarity, Enhanced Athletic Performance,Faster Recovery After Intense Exercise,Faster Wound Healing,Wrinkle Reduction,Healthier Younger Looking Skin

I truly believe that X39 will have a major impact on the lives of peopleall over the world. That’s why I’m looking for Brand 

Please Join Our nightly calls Time 10pm EST/ 9pm CST/ 8pm MST/ 7pm PST…DIAL: 253-993-3354. or By Internet https://join.freeconferencecall.com/thex39

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We should also strengthen our immune defense against the virus. We must lead a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet with plenty of nutrient-rich fruits, veggies and spices, exercise sufficiently and consider immune-boosting supplements.

Among the most important immune boosters is glutathione. It is needed by all the immune cells to function properly, including fighting viral infections. Studies show that many immune problems, including auto-immune diseases, are related to having deficient glutathione in the immune cells.

Pathogenic viruses are harmful by replicating in our cells, and then spreading to and damaging the target organs.

Lab studies showed that adding glutathione can reduce HIV-1 viral replication by over 99%! This may well apply to other viral infections, including corona viruses.

Some studies showed that oxidative stress (having excess free radicals) in the host can cause infecting viruses to become more virulent!  Glutathione is crucial because it is the most important antioxidant for our cells to overcome oxidative stress.

Severe morbidity and deaths from the Wuhan Virus, just as for SARS virus, occur mainly due to the severe inflammation of the lungs. Again, glutathione is essential to prevent this as it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

The role of glutathione is so vast in viral infections, such that since 1997 scientists knew that intracellular glutathione levels can directly predict the prognosis of HIV-1 infections. Perhaps if studies were done on other viruses, they may find the same conclusion!

In this period of uncertainty with the threat of the Wuhan Virus looming, everyone should ensure that they have sufficient glutathione.

The most efficient way to boost glutathione by oral supplementation is to take the glutathione precursor ribo-cysteine (Riboceine™), which boosts glutathione 300% better.

Lifewave or its distributors make no medical claims.

I would love to give you a call if you don’t mind please reply with your phone number http://thex39.com

Thank you for your time Sincerely

Phyl & Roberta

Monday Night Community Call
(563) 999-5078 6pm PT / 9pm ET
24/7 Replay (605) 313-4103
pin 236425, ref #97
Congrats Ron Rabun
New Sr Presidential
Setting the pace and leading by example, a BIG congratulations to Ron Rabun who has achieved the highest level in the LifeWave Compensation Plan… Senior Presidential Director!
Bon Voyage!
As 300 LifeWave Members and Family prepare for our 4 night Caribbean 15th Anniversary Cruise… we will all be thinking and hoping to see many of you on the next one. There is plenty of room on the “Navigator of the Seas”. This massive Royal Caribbean cruise ship can accommodate close to 4,000 passengers in addition to the crew of 1,200.
Preferred Customer & Free Product Programs
This Monday evening, the “Colorado Peaks”, Directors, Tim and Helen Peak, will be doing a special training on our exciting new Preferred Customer and Free Product Programs. Listen in and learn how to best use and promote these two additions to your LifeWave business.
Plug in to the Weekly Call & Webinar Schedule
  • Mon Community Updates & Training – 6pm PT/9pm ET
  • Tues X39 www.LiveYoungerZoom.com w/Testimonials – 6pm PT/9pm ET
  • Thurs Lifewave Intro & Doctor Call w/ Testimonials – 6pm PT/9pm ET
  • Mon & Wed Morn 20-min Chats – 7am PT/10am ET
  • Fri Morn 20-min Special Guest Interviews – 7am PT/10am ET
  • Sat New Distributor Training – 8am PT/11am ET (best viewed as webinar at www.LiveYoungerCalls.com)
Call Numbers & Online Access
  • US & Canada: (563) 999-5078 (no pin required)
  • Online: LiveYoungerCalls.com
  • Replays: (605) 313-4103, pin 236425#, then enter reference number or # key for most recent recording
  • International: +1 (605) 313-5678 pin 236425#
  • Other International phone #’s available: https://fccdl.in/i/liveyounger
Quick Access URL’s
LiveYounger.com – Simple X39 Presentation Site w/ 3-min X39 Video
LiveYoungerREPLAY.com – 11-min Company & X39 Presentation
LiveYoungerBPS.com – New Distributor Orientation & Business Planning Guide review
LiveYoungerCALLS.com – Online Access to Daily Calls and Sat Webinar
LiveYoungerFB.com – Short-cut to our private Facebook Group
LiveYoungerZOOM.com – 12-min Live X39 Webinars Tues Eve @ 6pm PT/9pm ET
Upcoming Events
  • January – LifeWave Annual Convention – Las Vegas Jan 25, 26, 2020
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  • Be sure to mention the Live Younger Team for your leaders when you do – if we are the most mentioned, everyone gets a free sleeve of X39!
  • For great hotel rates at the Westgate Resort LV, go to Vegas.com

Conference Call Replay Listing

Replays: (605) 313-4103, pin 236425# , then enter reference number or # key for the most recent call
#97 – 11/4 – Monday Evening Community Call
#93 – 11/1 Marilyn King, 2x Olympian on Exceptional Human Performance
#92 – 10/31 Dr Shauna – Health Through the Holidays
#89 – 10/28 Making Money with LifeWave
#87 – 10/26 Saturday Morning New Member Training
#86 – 10/25 Mindshift Interview with Donna Blevins
#84 – 10/24 Robin and Dr. Shauna Call FAQ’s
#82 – 10/21 Monday Night New and Updates
#80 – 10/19 4 Phases of Successful Recruiting
#79 – 10/18 Colorado Tour Highlights
#76 – 10/11 Founding Field Leader Kai Jacobson Interview
#72 – 10-7 Monday Night – Colorado Stem Cell Tour
#70 – 10/4 Interview with Jim Caldwell, VP of Marketing
#66 – 9/30 Monday Night Call – Power of a System… and Let the Tools do the Talking
#64 – 9/28 Saturday New Distributor Training with Robin and Gregory
#63 – 9/27 Robin and Dr. Shauna on How to Approach Healthcare Providers
#61 – 9/26 Life Wave & X39 Intro With Robin & Dr. Shauna
#57 – 9/21 New Distributor Training with Robin and Gregory
#56 – 9/20 Robin Teaches Quadrant 2 Time Management
#55 – 9/19 Dr. Shauna discusses GHK
#53 – 9/16 Launch of Fall X39 Recruiting Campaign
#51 – 9/14 Business Planning Guide Webinar – https://fccdl.in/XouoPLuESl
#50 – 9/13 Interview with Dr. Nicholas & Dr. Joan
#48 – 9/11 Life Wave & X39 Intro With Robin & Dr. Shauna
#46 – 9/9 Fall Recruiting Blitz & NEW BUSINESS PLANNING GUIDE
#44 – 9/7 Gregory Mascari introduces the new BUSINESS PLANNING GUIDE
#42 – 9/5 Company & X39 Overview with Robin and Dr. Nicholas
#41 – 9/6 Dr. Nicholas discusses working with Health Practitioners
#39 – 9/3 Monday Night Call – Discussing the Fall X39 Recruiting Blitz
#38 – 8/31 Saturday New Distributor Training
#37 – 8/30 Interview with Andrea Waltz, author of “Go-For-No”
#35 – 8/29 Life Wave & X39 Intro With Robin & Dr. Shauna
#33 – 8/26 Learning to use Facebook Units and FB Live Events
#31 – 8/24 First New Distributor Saturday Training Call
#30 – 8/23 Interview with the “Go-Giver” Bob Burg
#29 – 8/22 LifeWave Intro and X39 Discussion w/ Robin & Dr. Shauna Young
#28 – 8/21 Wed morning chat about sampling… and some amazing dog stories
#27 – 8/19 Monday Night Community Update Call
#24 – 8/26 Interview w/ Dr. Steve Taubman on UnHypnosis
#22 – 8/12 Monday Night Community Update Call
#20 – 8/9 David Jumper: The History of LifeWave & Building Internationally
#19 – 8/8 Dr Shauna: LifeWave Intro, Product Education & Testimonials
#17 – 8/5 Single-Product Focus/Multi-Product Company & Product/Business Approaches
#15 – 8/2 Interview w/ Anne Gillis: Life is About Living with Ease… or at Least Easier
#14 – 8/1 Interview w/ David Schmidt, CEO: LifeWave History & Vision
#12 – 7/29 New Symptoms of Aging Checklist & Getting Started Worksheet
#10 – 7/26 Comp Plan Overview and Importance of Building Managers
#9 – 7/26 Compliant Testimonials Training and Dr. Nicholas X39 Intro Call
#7 – 7/22 1st Community Call and the Live Younger Success System
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