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  1. Jason Boreyko E-book: Personal Growth is a Must to Succeed in Network Marketing. I highly recommend new members of our team Read my e-book www.ThinkitActitBecomeit.com   Order yours today and start to the path to Success! 

  1. Tips on creating your first Facebook Post & Sample Script 

How to make your first Facebook Post:

Your post will be a five part post with a specific photo.

Or… It can be a video and you show the patch.

It’s all about what you feel comfortable doing. 

We are going to give you examples. Make them your own.

The five Parts of your Post will be the same in written and video form.

  1. Your story. Make it SHORT.
  2. I was told about a patch
  3. I used the patch for 5 days.
  4. Your results.
  5. Closing statement.

An example broken down by parts.

  1. Many of you don’t know but I’ve had chronic knee pain for two years. 
  2. A friend told me about this patch.
  3. After five days of wearing the patch
  4. I am 100% pain free.
  5. I had no idea this patch even existed. 

How this would appear in a Facebook post. 

  1. Make the post your own. (don’t say pain free if your not) 
  2. Don’t say five days if it was 12 days. (Be real)
  3. Use your words. (Don’t Say “Hey Girl” just because someone else did and it worked)

Example Post 

Many of you may not know but I have been dealing with chronic pain in my hips and knees for the last two years. I was about to have knee surgery when a friend told me about a patch that may help. I have used the patch for five days now and my pain has dropped from a 10 to a 2. I am amazed. I had no idea this patch even existed. 

Attach a photo of you wearing the patch or a photo holding a few patches with the label down.


Don’t mention anything Lifewave related. X39,, IceWave, Lifewave.

Don’t discuss ingredients (this is a conversation for later)

Don’t use big words that you would never say. (Non-Transdermal, Stem Cells)

Don’t say that you are now selling the patches. 

Don’t say that this is the best business opportunity and you need to get in now.

Sample Script: 

Sample Conversation Flow

You make your post

Many of you may not know but I have been dealing with chronic pain in my hips and knees for the last two years. I was about to have knee surgery when a friend told me about a patch that may help. I have used the patch for five days now and my pain has dropped from a 10 to a 2. I am amazed. I had no idea this patch even existed. 

Attach a photo of you wearing the patch or a photo holding a few patches with the label down.

Prospect comments:

I want more info please.

You reply on the post: 

I will PM you some info

Your PM response to prospect (Three back to back messages):

Response #1

Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out, so sorry for the delay. I wasn’t expecting so many people to ask about the patch. I will absolutely send you some info. I am sending you an invite to a private group on Facebook that is loaded with people’s stories, it’s crazy. You can see what others are experiencing. 

Response #2 

Here is a link to the five day experience I did. 


Response #3

There are some great videos in the link I just sent.

This getting old thing is a drag. Obviously, you saw my post. I almost had to have knee surgery. So, what’s going on with you? What hurts LOL. 

Reply from the Prospect:

Hey thanks I will check these out. I am having major knee pain can’t even walk.


Sorry to hear that, lets chat tomorrow or the next day.

Reply from the Prospect a few day later:

Hey, I watched your videos and would like to try these. How do I get them? Also, what is in them and how much do they cost?

Response if they respond: ( I try to answer their questions in order of how they asked)


Glad you were able to watch the videos. I have patches I can send you from my personal stash, this way you don’t have to order from the company. All I ask is that you cover my cost so I can get more. I cant live with out my patches. It only cost me $20. You can Venmo me the money or mail me a check. We can figure that out latter. I will pay for the shipping. I will mail them out tomorrow.

There is nothing in the patches, no ingredient at all that’s why I like them. The videos on the link I sent has lots of info, not sure if you watched them all. As for as cost, there are several ways to purchase and that makes cost change. Let’s get you patched and get you feeling what I feel, then we can talk about options. I will do what’s best for you. Mainly I just want to help with your pain. What address should I send the patches to?

Also, let me know when your patches arrive.

Reply from the Prospect:

Thanks can’t wait to try them. My address is xxxxxxxx

Response if you need to reach back out to the Prospect due to no reply:


Sorry I haven’t gotten back with you; did you have a chance to check out that link? Let me know if you want to try the five day experience. I can tell you how to get the patches.

If they respond to this message circle back to the “Glad you were able to watch the videos.” Message.

Reply from Prospect when patches arrive:

Hey, I got the patches now what? Where do they go? Are they water proof? 

Response: ( I try to answer their questions in order of how they asked)

Hey Sam,

Glad the patches arrived. 

The names of the patches are listed on the back of each one. 

Day one: Place the Icewave on the pain area. Tan patch directly on the pain. The white patch on the send most painful spot about 2 inches from the tan patch.

Day two: Place the X39 patch directly on the pain.

Day three – five: place the X39 directly on the pain or on your neck. You can also place it below the bellybutton like is shows on the tracking sheet. The X39 will work regardless of where you place them. It’s totally up to you. Yes, they are water proof. You need to wear them five days in a row, do not skip a day, 12 hours on and 12 off. If you have questions message me. Let me know how your first day goes.

Message me if you have questions.

Response to Prospect on Day five or six:

Hey Sam,

So glad you were able to do the five day experience. I know you said the pain in your hip was an 8 when we started and it was a 6 by the end of day one. Where are you today?

Reply from Prospect:

I am at a four.

Response to Prospect:

That’s awesome news, I am sure it will continue to improve over time. Like I said I am here for you, If you want to continue using the patches I can help you get set up, I am available if you have time. 

Reply from Prospect:

How long will it take, I have some stuff going on. Also, how much will it cost. 

Response to Prospect: (Why I send one Icewave set, and four X39)


It won’t take long at all I can help you walk through it. 

The best thing from a cost perspective is to do the silver distributor package, even if you are not interested in building a business. 

Here is why, if you just bought two 30 sleeves of X39 it would cost $149 a sleeve about $335 with tax and shipping, however if you do the silver package you can get the same two sleeves of X39 plus you could get two sleeve’s of Icewave for the exact same cost. Plus a free Membership! 

If they say yes Enroll them.  

If they say No or that’s to much you drop to the next options.

Response to prospect if they say too much:


1. 2.

3. www.X39health.com (Great to Send Prospects too)

4. Download LifeWave InTouch App from your App Store.

5. www.X39Experience.net (Learn the X39 Sampling Program)

Prospecting Site: 


Training Site for Sample Program 


LifeWave InTouch App: 

(Download from for Free from your App Store) 

1st video to send – X39 Product video (under Subject Videos)

2nd video to send – LifeWave X39 Technology Video (under Subject Videos)

3rd Send a testimonial – That relates to the prospect’s health challenge/ Interest

(Testimonials can be sent as a Tag from our Stem Cells for Health FB group) 

4th Send Edited Clinical Study – www.X39ClinicalStudy.com 

5th Invite to a Product/Company Call 

Video on How to use the InTouch App https://tinyurl.com/y9q6f65

Compensation plan Video Training: https://tinyurl.com/ycfgjulf

Nightly Product Calls with Phyl Franklin (253) 993-3354

Facebook & Youtube:

New Lifewave Compensation Plan Video:  https://youtu.be/dF7zmzdTia8

Tracy Biller Network Marketing Training call recording:  https://fccdl.in/ezrzCoQPMW

Lifewave YouTube Channel


Horses Don’t Lie


Facebook Group – Testimonials for Customers


Facebook Group –  For Distributors



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Conference Call Replay Listing

Replays: (605) 313-4103, pin 236425# , then enter reference number or # key for the most recent call
#97 – 11/4 – Monday Evening Community Call
#93 – 11/1 Marilyn King, 2x Olympian on Exceptional Human Performance
#92 – 10/31 Dr Shauna – Health Through the Holidays
#89 – 10/28 Making Money with LifeWave
#87 – 10/26 Saturday Morning New Member Training
#86 – 10/25 Mindshift Interview with Donna Blevins
#84 – 10/24 Robin and Dr. Shauna Call FAQ’s
#82 – 10/21 Monday Night New and Updates
#80 – 10/19 4 Phases of Successful Recruiting
#79 – 10/18 Colorado Tour Highlights
#76 – 10/11 Founding Field Leader Kai Jacobson Interview
#72 – 10-7 Monday Night – Colorado Stem Cell Tour
#70 – 10/4 Interview with Jim Caldwell, VP of Marketing
#66 – 9/30 Monday Night Call – Power of a System… and Let the Tools do the Talking
#64 – 9/28 Saturday New Distributor Training with Robin and Gregory
#63 – 9/27 Robin and Dr. Shauna on How to Approach Healthcare Providers
#61 – 9/26 Life Wave & X39 Intro With Robin & Dr. Shauna
#57 – 9/21 New Distributor Training with Robin and Gregory
#56 – 9/20 Robin Teaches Quadrant 2 Time Management
#55 – 9/19 Dr. Shauna discusses GHK
#53 – 9/16 Launch of Fall X39 Recruiting Campaign
#51 – 9/14 Business Planning Guide Webinar – https://fccdl.in/XouoPLuESl
#50 – 9/13 Interview with Dr. Nicholas & Dr. Joan
#48 – 9/11 Life Wave & X39 Intro With Robin & Dr. Shauna
#46 – 9/9 Fall Recruiting Blitz & NEW BUSINESS PLANNING GUIDE
#44 – 9/7 Gregory Mascari introduces the new BUSINESS PLANNING GUIDE
#42 – 9/5 Company & X39 Overview with Robin and Dr. Nicholas
#41 – 9/6 Dr. Nicholas discusses working with Health Practitioners
#39 – 9/3 Monday Night Call – Discussing the Fall X39 Recruiting Blitz
#38 – 8/31 Saturday New Distributor Training
#37 – 8/30 Interview with Andrea Waltz, author of “Go-For-No”
#35 – 8/29 Life Wave & X39 Intro With Robin & Dr. Shauna
#33 – 8/26 Learning to use Facebook Units and FB Live Events
#31 – 8/24 First New Distributor Saturday Training Call
#30 – 8/23 Interview with the “Go-Giver” Bob Burg
#29 – 8/22 LifeWave Intro and X39 Discussion w/ Robin & Dr. Shauna Young
#28 – 8/21 Wed morning chat about sampling… and some amazing dog stories
#27 – 8/19 Monday Night Community Update Call
#24 – 8/26 Interview w/ Dr. Steve Taubman on UnHypnosis
#22 – 8/12 Monday Night Community Update Call
#20 – 8/9 David Jumper: The History of LifeWave & Building Internationally
#19 – 8/8 Dr Shauna: LifeWave Intro, Product Education & Testimonials
#17 – 8/5 Single-Product Focus/Multi-Product Company & Product/Business Approaches
#15 – 8/2 Interview w/ Anne Gillis: Life is About Living with Ease… or at Least Easier
#14 – 8/1 Interview w/ David Schmidt, CEO: LifeWave History & Vision
#12 – 7/29 New Symptoms of Aging Checklist & Getting Started Worksheet
#10 – 7/26 Comp Plan Overview and Importance of Building Managers
#9 – 7/26 Compliant Testimonials Training and Dr. Nicholas X39 Intro Call
#7 – 7/22 1st Community Call and the Live Younger Success System
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