Name  my name is Phyl Franklin and I am in Grand Junction Co.

I just have a few questions for you? 

Have you heard of the stem cell patch?

And how it can repair rejuvenate and rebuild anything that’s wrong in your body. 

Are you Open to taking a look at a great opportunity or amazing product you know everyone should have a plan B and be in charge of their own money right now.

If any of this sounds good to you and you would like more 

 information dial (833) 972-6753 or 833 9sample


801 is what If 
802 is Your health Matters 
803 calls me directly
804 plays testimonies 
805 plays more testimonies 
806 medical Doctor.


click contact us for a free sample.

We are indeed “building to a billion” together!

Every night Monday through Friday 
Time 10pm EST/ 9pm CST/ 8pm MST/ 7pm PST…DIAL: 253-993-3354.   
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Lifewave Patches and the athletes that use them,

A Medical Doctors Perspective on X39 Dr. Jeffrey B. Hubbard M.D., M.S. is a medical doctor and professional lecturer with 18+ years of scientific experience and 7 years of extensive medical training. He is knowledgeable in scientific methods of investigation with a special interest in integrative and functional medicine.

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