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The below information shows how to specifically use the Stem Cell eBook and a Patch Company to leverage your advertising. This process works the same for ANY program that you belong to if you use the eBook pledges and the commissions from your other company as leverage to get people advertising with our eBook and building an organization in both companies.


Contact ALL medical, chiropractors, sports gyms, nutrition stores and clinics to tell them about Stem Cells and give them your branded eBook copy of Stem Cell Quality Control.

Give away your eBook on Stem Cell Quality Control to celebrities as a gift. Post it on their social media websites so all their viewers will be curious to download your gift.

If you are a member of a health and nutrition company then change the advertising link for the eBook to your company website.

Below are some examples if you are a Patch Company member. Just replace patchcompany with the correct company name. We do not include the company name because we are a generic marketing company and do not advertise specific companys on general company websites.

I would recommend you brand your WeSharePledges Stem Cell eBook with your Patch Company website directly linking to the patch order. Change YOURID to your Patch Company username.

For your eBook change the Website to the above and leave your Extension blank..

Tell someone if they join you in the Patch Company, you will pay for their advertising once they register in both systems. At worst you will pay $30 and get back $20 and have someone in your downline in both companies.

Offer to give someone the Stem and Pain patch as a sample if they join WeSharePledges and pay their $30 advertising. You will get back $20 from WeSharePledges and your patches will cost between $4 and $7.50 depending if you purchases at Diamond or a higher cost.

Tell someone who is serious that if they join WeSharePledges at $330 you will pay for them as a Bronze when they join the Patch Company. You will receive $220 from WeSharePledges and $15 from the Patch Company with your cost only $150.

Tell someone if they join as a Gold in the Patch Company and pay for their advertising in WeSharePledges, you will upgrade them to Phase2 ($300) in WeSharePledges. You will get back $220 from WeSharePledges and $100 plus binary volume in the Patch Company. You also have a serious distributor in both programs.

Patch Company Compensation and Strategy

I have analyzed the Patch Company compensation plan for the best approach if you are a member.

You must make a decision early. When you join you have several options on purchase. First keep in mind that you rank up by purchasing the differences between what you have and what is required for the next level. Therefore if you buy at starter you pay the $25 fee. If you upgrade to Bronze you pay the additional $99. If you were Bronze and step up to Silver you pay the difference of $175 instead of the full $300. What this means is, if you just want to try the products, then buy what you need on an immediate bases only. One exception is if you are in a family and use the patch daily, you and your spouse will use 24 sleeves in a year. It is better to buy the Diamond kit with 19 sleeves at a cost of $1600 instead of 19 months at $2850.

If you are serious and want to treat this as a business then buying at Diamond insures you the BEST bonuses on personal sales for 90 days. This gives you time to catch up in rank while still getting the best commissions on personal sales.

Immediately sign up for Bronze or above. Sponsor one Left and one Right immediately as a Bronze or above. If you cannot get a Bronze Left and Right in the first hour then put in a left and right as affiliates for $25 just to get control of your binary positions. You can always give or sell those positions in the future when you find a leader. You need to be Bronze or above to capture your volume and you need the left and right as Bronze or above or you flush your volume. Make sure you, your left and your right are on autoship at 55BV or 110BV when Manager so you never lose your volume.

The structure is simple. Forget all the details on the compensation. Here is the structure you need to obtain and teach:

  • The leader needs to be a Gold or above.
  • You need ONE Gold Left and ONE Gold Right always active at 110BV monthly
  • You need TWO Silver Left and TWO Silver Right active at 55BV monthly
  • Teach everyone to be a Leader.

The best product purchase is as a Diamond for the rank and extra product. I would suggest you get seventeen Stem Cell sleeves and four Pain sleeves for your Diamond order. If you control the left and right and pay for those positions then purchase a couple Pain sleeves for each order and maybe nineteen sleeves of Stem Cell in your Diamond kit.

The reason you want the Pain patches is to double the number of samples. You get 60 Pain patches in each of the Bronze orders. The Pain patch works instantly and is good for doing samples. You can sell your Stem Cell Patches or offer it as an incentive sample if they buy product.

Set your autoship orders to the Pain Patch sleeves until you use up your Stem Cell Patches. (Of course you can order other patches for your personal use but the Pain and Stem Cell patches are really the only immediate noticeable product for samples.)

One warning on the Diamond Kit. You get 55BV credit for the next two months after order and you need 110BV (the previous month) if you rank to Manager or above.

I would recommend you order the Stem Cell and the Pain sleeve on autoship each month. This will give you the Stem Cell patch for usage and the Pain patch for samples. This will also give you 110BV+ monthly.

If you are in at Diamond then at the end of your three months you should order the six month Stem Cell Maintenance Package 3 for $750 and save $150 on patches while getting your 110BV monthly qualification.

Order and Sample Strategy

Now for the big secret, order extra product you want for samples, first to qualify your left and right personal volumes, then any additional at the BOTTOM of the leg with the least volume. If you do not know the customer, place a new member and drop ship the product back to you.

Build up customers for yourself so you do not need to order product unless you run out. Then, if you control your left and right positions, place enough customers under them to keep them qualified without needing to order more products.

Obviously the Stem Cell Patch is the product to sell and there is evidence it has very fast response. However, you really will cut your costs and have rapid response by talking about the Stem Cell Patch but giving away the Pain Patch as samples for the quick response.

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LifeWave’s most valuable asset is the talented group of hard-working Distributors that share our products with the world. That’s why we’re committed to rewarding them with one of the highest commission payouts in all of network marketing.

Inspired by the ingenuity and power of our products, the LifeWave Compensation Plan provides an exceptional opportunity for both immediate and long-term income. Our approach combines the best elements of different types of network marketing plans, and pays commission in five distinct ways.


Unlimited Depth Potential

You benefit from a feature we call Compound Marketing. Much like money that earns interest in a bank account, Compound Marketing continually stores and accrues your previous work.

And unlike many companies that require you to build five or more teams, you’re only required to build two teams (“legs”) with this system.

Best of all, we give you points on all volume generated, no matter how deep in the organization it comes from or who drives the sales. This unlimited depth potential is the essence of the LifeWave Compensation Plan.



We offer two different ways to earn income immediately through retail sales:
A. You purchase products at wholesale prices and sell to Customers at retail prices

B. YourCustomersorderproductsatretailpricesdirectlyfromLifeWave,andweautomatically send you the retail profits (difference between wholesale and retail) each week

To simplify the creation of continuous revenue, you can even set up your retail Customers for ongoing Autoship. Any Distributor may earn retail profits.


Immediate Income

In LifeWave, anyone who enrolls in order to purchase products at a discount, and who does not earn commissions of any kind, is called a “Wholesale Customer” or “Preferred Customer”. Anyone who joins and then earns commissions of any kind is called a “Distributor” as soon as they earn commissions for the first time.



This is how you begin earning money each time you personally introduce a new Member
to our products through an enrollment kit. To qualify, you must be in Active Status at the time of enrollment, which requires a minimum order of 55 Personal Volume (PV) per month. The Product Introduction Bonus amount depends on the rank at which each new Member enrolls.

For each new Member you enroll, you earn this commission on the initial sale of products:

*See details on our PIB in section 05 (page 8)

Product Introduction Bonuses are also paid when a personally enrolled Member purchases an upgrade kit, for the purpose of increasing their inventory levels as they build the business. In that case, the payout is the difference between the bonus paid for the lower rank and for the higher rank.


X39 Experience Sample Program

Created by Freedom Community and LifeWave Approved.

​GET YOUR X39 Experience FREE Sample Program FLYER Today!  (see below to download flyer)
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1. X39 Experience Sample Program Mentoring for Success Series Audio
2. X39 Experience Sample Program Mentoring Guide Booklet
3. X39 Experience Sample Program ​Transition Flyer – to help you move prospects from the FREE 24 HOUR X39 Sample to a kit sale of a X39 PRODUCT Kit or a X39 BUSINESS Kit
– RISK FREE 30 DAY X39 PRODUCT Kit.  Bronze Kit 100% X39
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FREE 24 HOUR X39 Experience FLYER
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How long does it take to experience health benefits with X39®? As you know, we all are different. In fact, there are hundreds of millions of genetic differences that make you – uniquely you!
• Within a FREE 24 Hour X39® Experience, many users will experience noticeable health benefits associated with stem cell activation – benefits they can feel!
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• During a 24 Hour X39® Experience, you’ll see how easy the X39® non-transdermal patch technology is to apply, wear and remove – 12 hours on, 12 hours off. It’s super-thin, very comfortable to wear, you won’t even know you have it on, and it even stays on during a shower or a swim!
X39 Experience Sample Program FLYER with Success Mentoring
1. NOTE: PDF FLYER with Editable area on BACK to add your Name and Phone Number
2. Recommend to PRINT on 70 POUND Paper in COLOR
​3. We recommend NOT using your computer printer.  We recommend taking the PDF file for a COMMERCIAL
PRINTER on a zip drive to a local printer.  Cost will be around 50 to 70 cents a copy. 
Due to all the color, using
your own printer, the cost will be much higher. 
You will use up all the ink in your color cartridge very fast!
4. We recommend to use a glue stick to attach an X39 patch to the X39 Experience FLYER
​5. To mail, use 5 3/4 X 8 3/4 Greeting Card Envelopes 
​Click below to download FLYER ↓↓↓↓↓↓
NOTE: Coming Soon!  We will have a link to order the X39 Experience FLYERS.
Until then, use the PDF links below to print at home or at a commercial printer.
X39 Experience FLYER PDF for COMMERCIAL PRINTER – V1.3 updated October 24th


How would you like to be part of the Biggest Breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology?

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It used to be that to receive the life-changing benefits of stem cell therapy you’d have to pay thousands of dollars for one painful injection, but that’s all about to change. After a decade of leading research, X39 is now the clinically provenpatented product that increases your Stem Cell Activity and produces more Stem Cells so you feel younger than you have in years.

How Does it Work?

Your stem cells are the repair cells in your body that ensure you look and feel young. The problem is that as you age your stem cells switch off, leaving you with less than half your natural level when you’re only 35. That’s where X39 comes in. It’s the natural, pain-free, injection-free approach that allows you to reset your stem cells so they’re younger, more active, and ready to transform your quality of life.

Benefits People are Already Experiencing with X39

Rapid Pain Relief Greater Mental Clarity

Reduced Inflammation Enhanced Athletic Performance

Natural Support with Wound Healing Faster Recovery After Intense Exercise

Enhanced Energy & Vitality Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

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I truly believe that X39 will have a major impact on the lives of people all over the world.

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Oh, by the way, did I mention its a 15 year old company?

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All the websites will translate into many different languages, this includes the videos.

Here is my company website for some additional information on the products how to join my team.

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